Arrowroot Powder


Arrowroot Powder (Maranta arudinacea)





Because arrowroot is a product of the West Indies, arrowroot has a rich history in the culture and it's said that it's very name was derived from the indigenous tribe of the Arawaks.

 Arawak people used arrowroot powder to draw out poisonous toxins from those wounded by the tip of poisoned arrows. Arrowroot has been used for cooking, medicinally and  as an additive to health, beauty and skin care products.

Arrowroot has been used by people experiencing digestive problems, upset stomach and bowel issues as well as infants converting from a liquid diet to a solid routine because of the filling factor in the stomach. It's also used to prevent infection and itching in skin wounds or conditions, historically it's said to aid in the prevention of furthering gangrene too.

Arrowroot is known in the West Indies as a nourishing component that has been used by the inhabitants throughout the ages, later traveling to the Western world along with other spices considered valuable in particular eras of history. It's also used in body powders and make-up today.

Because arrowroot has not been studied extensively in people or animals, its effectiveness is based mainly on its reputation as a folk remedy. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, some practitioners of alternative medicine consider it useful for certain conditions. Alternative physicians praise the stomach-soothing powers of arrowroot as well as its nutritional value. Another prominent herbalist recommends arrowroot for preventing athlete's foot. Putting the dried powder inside socks and shoes can help to combat the moisture that contributes to the growth of foot fungus. However, arrowroot is not known to have antifungal properties.

Arrowroot was popular in the past as an antidote for arrow poison. It also had a reputation as a treatment for scorpion and spider bites as well as gangrene.

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