Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis )








Common names: Yellowroot, Yellow Puccoon, Orange-Root, Yellow Indian Paint, Turmeric Root, Indian Turmeric, Ohio Curcuma, Ground Raspberry, Eyeroot, Eyebalm, Yelloweye, Jaundice Root, Indian Dye

Goldenseal is a native North American medicinal plant introduced to early settlers by Cherokee Indians who used it as a wash for skin diseases, wounds, and for sore, inflamed eyes. 

It was traditionally used by Native Americans to treat skin disorders, digestive problems, liver conditions, diarrhea, and eye irritations. Goldenseal became part of early colonial medical care as the European settlers learned of it from the Iroquois and other tribes.

Goldenseal is one of the most popular herbs on the market today and is one of the major herbs used for prevention and healing. The active ingredients in Goldenseal are the immune-supporting alkaloids hydrastine, canadine, and berberine which destroy many types of bacterial and viral infections. These alkaloids also relieve congestion and fight against upper respiratory tract infections. Goldenseal is considered to be one of the best infection fighters. Studies show that it may calm infections in the mucous mentranes anywhere in the body. It also contains a natural antibiotic. It has been known to reduce gastric inflammation due to the alkaloid berberine which aids digestion and acts as a sedative to the central nervous system. It also aids digestion by promoting the production of saliva, bile, and other digestive enzymes. It promotes the functioning capacity of the heart, the lymphatic and respiratory system, the liver, the spleen, the pancreas, and the colon. Goldenseal has proven effective in lowering blood sugar, and is a source of natural insulin. It is also known to be an excellent contact healer, stopping internal and external bleeding and reducing swelling. Additionally, Goldenseal may control heavy menstrual and postpartum bleeding by means of its astringent action.

Goldenseal herbal tincture can be used as a mouthwash or gargle for mouth sores and sore throats. A tea made of goldenseal can also be used for this purpose

Goldenseal is a bitter that stimulates the secretion and flow of bile, and can also be used as an expectorant. It also has strong activity against a variety of bacteria, yeast, and fungi, such as E. Coli and Candida.

Goldenseal is used for infections of the mucus membranes, including the mouth, sinuses, throat, the intestines, stomach, urinary tract and vagina.

Goldenseal is also used for the following conditions:

  • minor wound healing
  • bladder infections
  • fungal infections of the skin
  • colds & flu
  • sinus and chest congestion

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