SILKY SWEET ROSE Hand & Body Lotion




HIGH ALTITUDE ORGANICS TM Silky Sweet Rose hand and body moisturizing lotion with 84% organic content will leave your skin with silky-smooth comfort. An essential oil combination of five kinds of roses from various parts of the world (Rosa Damascena, Rosa Centifolia, Rosa Odorata, Rosa Edwards,Rosa moschata) release calming and antidepressant aroma that will sooth your mind and body, as well as tone and tighten the skin. Aloe Vera's natural anti-inflammatory and healing action promotes cell growth and rejuvenates the skin. Coconut and Jojoba soften the skin and reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, help lighten scars, lubricate the skin and act as natural anti-oxidants. Astringent Witch Hazel helps tighten the skin and minimize the appearance of veins. Silk Peptides contain amino acids that help build cells and repair tissue, they are readily absorbed and can protect and nourish the skin, while preventing its dehydration. Vitamin E exhibits antioxidant properties that protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Neem oil has moisturizing and regenerative properties and is great for eczema and psoriasis. Rosemary and Rose-Geranium essential oils help strengthen the capillaries, balance the secretion of sebum and rejuvenates sluggish skin...Enjoy...

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8oz bottle (dispenser cap)
16oz bottle (pump)
150 individual packages (sample size)
250 individual packages (sample size)

Individual packages are great for wedding ceremony, to keep in your office, work place, reception area, public bathroom, guest bathroom, purse, or while traveling. Give yourself or your customers a treat or Silky Sweet Rose moisture.

Active Ingredients:


Aloe Vera natural anti-inflammatory, combined within its nutritional constituents, promote cell growth, and therefore healing...Read more...
Coconut oil is excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener. A study shows that coconut oil is effective and safe when used as a moisturizer, with absence of adverse reactions. Coconut Oil is the source of two of the most powerful anti microbial agents found in any food substances. These are Capric Acid and Lauric Acid. They are the same acids that are found in mother’s milk and keep the baby protected from infections. When these are applied on skin, some microbes (good ones) present on skin convert these acids into Monocaprin and Monolaurin respectively, thereby replacing the protective acid layer on the skin.  Further, coconut oil is a rich source of Vitamin-E. This keeps your skin healthy and ensures proper functioning of sebum glands. Finally, Coconut Oil is soothing on skin and highly penetrating. So, when applied on skin, it is absorbed readily. It also helps heal any sort of wound on skin.  And above all, Coconut Oil improves the rate of metabolism. This also indirectly affects proper secretion and balance of hormones...Read more...
Jojoba oil is an effective cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer, and softener for the skin and hair. It is applied directly to the skin to soften the skin, to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, to lighten and help heal scars, and to promote healthy scalp and hair ...Read more...
Vitamin E has powerful effects on cellular functions by acting as an antioxidant and thus protecting cells from free radicals...Read more...
Witch Hazel is a healing ingredient that helps relieve an assortment of infections and sores,bruises, sprains, and skin problems ...Read more...
Silk Amino Acids have been known as the “building blocks” of the body. They build cells and repair tissue, they form antibodies to combat bad bacteria and viruses; they carry oxygen throughout the body and assist with muscle activity, and they help rebuild RNA & DNA (nucleoproteins). ...Read more...
Rose The use of the rose is far and varied. It has a long history in its use in folk remedies, especially in the area of skincare. It is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins. It has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries ...Read more...
Rose-Geranium Essential Oil can be used for clearing sluggish and oily skin, as well as wound, burn and ulcer healing and has value to treat eczema, repelling insects, shingles, cellulite, ringworm, bruises and engorgement of the breasts. ...Read more...
Neem Seed Oil has moisturizing and regenerative properties, contains Vitamin E, and has essential fatty acids...Read more...
Rosemary helps minimize the effects of aging on your skin One of the traditional uses of rosemary is as a cosmetic. Recent research findings have now confirmed the skin-protective benefits it possesses. ...Read more...

All Ingredients (84% Organic content)

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