Annatto Seeds


Annato Seeds (Bixa Orellana)


AKA: Annotta Orellana Orleana

Parts Used: Pulp of the fruit

Active Compounds: Carotenoid coloring is found in the seed pulp of the fruit.

Background: Because the plant has strong coloring principles, it has been used over the centuries as a method of body painting in South America. Even now it is used as a dye in the coloring of margarine and cheese.

Applications: Astringent/Aphrodisiac/Anti-Poison

Astringent: Treats fever, epilepsy, and dysentery when the leaves and roots are used to make an infusion.  When used topically, it can treat burns and blisters. When used as a gargle, it can relieve mouth sores.

Aphrodisiac: Thought to have properties that increase one's libido.

Anti-Poison: When used orally, the seed pulp can combat certain poisons.

Native to Tropical America, and the East and West Indies. It is cultivated in Asia and Africa where it grows up to 25 feet in height.  It is an evergreen tree, which has large leaves that are capable of bearing pink and white flowers with red fruit that contains red seeds.

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