Illipe Butter


Illipe Butter (Shorea stenoptera)








Illipe nuts come from a truly magnificent tree that is native to Southeast Asia and Borneo. It flowers in October through January, when the nuts are collected after they fall to the ground, but not before. The seeds are collected from the ground and dried in the sun until they are brittle enough to be separated from the shells. The indigenous peoples of Borneo have been making a “butter” from the Illipe nuts for many centuries for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.
Using Illipe Butter
Illipe butter is exotic and luxurious, and is quite similar to cocoa butter in its triglyceride composition. Because it has a higher melting point than cocoa butter it makes it ideal for soaps. Even though it is a harder butter, it still melts with contact to skin. It is an excellent base for a great many body care products, including those used for the skin, sun protection, creams, soaps, lip sticks, balms, make-up foundations, and hair conditioners.

Illipe butter is renowned for it’s incredible moisturizing properties and its ability to restore elasticity to the skin. It is quite comparable to cocoa butter in its physical properties and composition, and is beneficial for the treatment of
• Moisturizing chronically dry skin
• Mature skin
• Sunburn
• Healing sores
• Damaged skin
• Rough skin (such as on feet)
• Mouth ulcers
• Dry or over processed hair

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